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The white knight is the medieval symbol of that saving grace arriving just in time. Just as the medieval knight can be the saving grace for the damsel in distress, so too can the White Knight(TM) microbial inoculator/generator be the saving grace for property owners and operators who are faced with expensive and extensive septic system repairs because of failing systems.

The purpose of the White Knight™ (Patent Pending) Microbial Inoculator/Generator system is to enhance the performance and restore biologically clogged septic absorption systems without physical replacement of the absorption area. It is generally accepted that many septic system failures are caused by "Biomat" clogging. Some estimates put the number of failing systems as high as 1 million per year."

Septic systems are continuously inoculated with intestinal bacteria when we flush human waste down the toilet.

To survive in our intestines these bacteria protect themselves by secreting a heavy mucous coating. Septic tanks are anaerobic and because of this the organic load they receive is only partially digested. These organic materials (food for bacteria) pass out of the tank to the leach field in dissolved forms. The intestinal bacteria carried by the effluent continue to secrete the sticky mucous (polysaccharide slime) and adhere to the soil particle surfaces of the trench and other types of soil based treatment systems.

Over time this blocks the soil pore space with slime (commonly referred to as the "Clog Mat" or "Biomat"). As the Biomat builds the trenches fill with effluent. Eventually effluent from the septic tank cannot pass into the surrounding soil where aerobic bacteria can purify it and the system fails. Noxious septic waste surfaces over the leach field or backs up into the house causing a crisis.

The White Knight™ is unique in the onsite wastewater treatment industry because of the combination of physical components, patented microbial inoculant (IOS-500™ from International Organic Solutions, Inc.), and the lifetime performance and component warranty, which is tied to the ongoing maintenance program. A comprehensive site appraisal assures that the system will effectively eliminate the clogging Biomat and the warranty/maintenance program insures that it will not reoccur in the future. This is good for the environment, public health, and the property owner. The White Knight™ can be inserted into any sound, appropriately sized septic tank. It receives an initial "charge" of the patented IOS-500™ aerobic and facultative bacteria, which continues to grow and reproduce on the system's fixed film media. A small linear air pump supplies dissolved oxygen to the unit while providing airlift pumping action to circulate the tank contents over the media. This leads to the discharge of highly efficient IOS-500™ bacteria to the soil treatment area causing the elimination of the clogging mat and maintains treatment and water flow after installation.

The success of this technology has been extensive. To date less than ten systems of the hundreds that have been placed into service have been removed under the warranty program. In all instances the site appraisal failed to reveal a problem that was not biological in nature. The White Knight™ is being used as an economical and efficient component of the onsite treatment train for two poultry processing facilities in New York and used to recover a community sand filter system that was showing signs of failure after 10 years of operation. Approvals and acceptance is being gained in many states nationwide as the dealer network is expanded. Specific data is available upon request.

1. 110 volt Power Source.
2. Air Pump Basin, weatherproof construction, used for outdoor air pump enclosure when required.
3. ½” ID, Sch40, PVC air supply line.
4. Service riser to grade.
5. White Knight™ (Patent Pending) Microbial Inoculator/Generator installed in septic tank. Install in 2nd compartment of 2 compartment septic tank
6. Effluent outlet filter to retain non-biodegradable materials.
7. Pump Failure Alarm located in Dwelling.

If you have further questions about the technology or if you would like to become a member of the White Knight™ team contact Mark C. Noga, Vice President of Market Development at or call 1-800-560-2454 during Eastern U.S. business hours to speak with a company representative.

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