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Typical Existing Applications January 2003

Akwesasne Housing Authority,
St. Regis Mohawk Indian Reservation, New York.

A White Knight™ residential unit was installed at a three-bedroom home in June of 2001. The system had failed to the surface and was running off into a nearby wetland. Approximately one week after installation the water level in the distribution box returned to normal and has remained at that level since. The Housing Authority has recently purchased a second unit and is considering several more units for other houses on the reservation. A second Nation in New York is in the process of ordering a commercial unit to recover a sand filter that is not meeting discharge requirements.

Motel, Chemung County, New York - August, 2001

Mc Donald excavating located in Elmira New York installed this White Knight™ unit in a 25 unit motel. Within a month the water level in the seepage pits had returned to original operation and remain functional today.

Manufactured Home Community, Cayuga County, New York - June 2002

The current park was developed in the 1970s and has nearly 100 manufactured homes served by a variety of onsite systems. One system was a stressed sand filter that was ponding and nearly surfacing. This system has been dry since installation of the White Knight™ units. In fact, the system was designed for surface discharge with an open bottom design and has not discharged to the outfall since installation. Another system serving two lots had effluent surfacing and a notice of violation had been written during a routine inspection. Within two weeks the effluent was no longer surfacing and the notice of violation has been cleared with the local health department. Long term plans include installation of White Knight™ on other smaller soil based systems at this facility.

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Pelleh Poultry, Sullivan County, New York - July 2001

Peleh Poultry process up to 5000 birds a day to kosher standards. Several systems installed over the past few years were in failure. An engineer had been enlisted to design a wastewater system and the estimated cost was $250,000. The engineer and the owner allowed four units to be installed in 2 existing septic tanks. The intent was not to recover existing leach systems, but to make the microbial inoculator/generator a part of a new treatment train. Current testing indicates that an existing sand mound may be converted into a sand filter and overland flow utilized as the dispersal method. This is a very high salt waste, which created unique challenges.

Town of Savannah Community Sand Filter Cluster System,
Savannah, NY-May 2002

This community sand filter had been ponded for several years and had been in violation of NYS Department of Environmental Conservation permit values several times during the past. The installation of two WK-78 White Knight™ Units has eliminated the ponding on the filter and has assited in bringing the system into compliance. A detailed report of this installation is available.State of Maine Provisional Approval Program, 2001-2003

Residential Installations-New York State, 2001-2003

Knight Treatment Systems Inc. has installed nearly 100 units at residences throughout the State of New York. When measured against the primary objective of the units, bio-remediation of the soil treatment/dispersal area, the system is operating remarkably. All systems installed in biologically failed leach systems have successfully reclaimed the leach system.

100 Seat Restaurant, Sanibel Island, Florida-January, 2002

An Aerobic Treatment Unit followed by a Peat Moss unit was serving this restaurant. The Peat had completely biofouled and the system was in failure. The ATU was gutted and commercial White Knight™ units were installed in the remaining tank. The Peat System was recovered and continues to operate to date.

3-Bedroom Home, Cape Coral, Florida-January, 2002

This home had been served by a traditional septic tank/mound system. The mound was failing, with effluent surfacing to the ground surface. After installation of the White Knight™ in the septic tank, the effluent level has receded and the system continues to operate correctly today.

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