White Knight MIG Info
White Knight MIG Info

Enhanced Biological Augmentation Technology Conquers Septic System Failures

The White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator™ is an emergent technology derived from the well established petroleum industry practice of biologically rehabilitating contaminated soils. The White Knight MIG™ provides for the enhanced biological augmentation and increased performance of septic, advanced onsite and other types of wastewater treatment systems.

The White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator™ is not a flushable additive but utilizes patented IOS-500™ inoculums in combination with a easily installed in-the-tank breeding column to introduce, cultivate and release the select group of microorganisms that possess the proven ability to recover organically clogged Leachfields, Sand Filters, Mounds and other types of soil based treatment systems.

Appropriate for use in any onsite wastewater treatment system, the task specific selected microorganisms of the patented IOS-500™ inoculums are aerobically cultivated via a media column that is placed into the septic tank. This technique transforms the septic tank, or any other treatment vessel, into an active biological breeding reactor that makes use of the influent’s organic waste content as the food source for the introduced microorganisms.

Statistical results of in the tank treatment indicate that significant reductions in organic waste content (BOD) of 80% or greater, total suspended solids (TSS) of 80% or greater and total nitrogen reduction of 50% or greater are typically achieved. Third party analyses of residual effluent BOD by ATP testing have confirmed that the remaining component is composed primarily of the live introduced beneficial microorganisms rather than organic waste.

By design, the IOS-500™ bacterial cultures leave the tank and accompany the effluent stream out to the system’s absorption area to consume deposited organic compounds, which restores soil particle pore space and natural drainage pathways. Ideal for use in septic systems located on small confined lots and/or in environmentally sensitive locations, the White Knight offers a proven, cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional practice of absorption system replacement.

The White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator™ has also been utilized to retrofit dysfunctional package treatment plants, defunct aerobic treatment units and the upgrade / rehabilitation of municipal treatment facilities as well as the becoming a primary component of a recently developed, state of the art, turnkey septage processing facility being offered by Big Fish Environmental, LLC: www.bigfishenvironmental.com

Other established successful applications of the White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator™ also include, but are not limited to; Restaurants, Fast Food Establishments, Recreational Parks & Camping Facilities, Institutions, Mobile Home Parks, Apartment & Condominium Complexes, Seasonal Resorts and Schools, anywhere the enhanced performance of the wastewater treatment system is desired.


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